Rebuilding Your Credit From Bankruptcy

Rebuilding Your Credit From Bankruptcy

How to Rebuild your Credit after a Bankruptcy

Often times, by the time average Californians start looking for a California bankruptcy attorney to help them file for bankruptcy, their credit is already quite damaged. That’s the bad news. The good news is, with a good California bankruptcy attorney, your credit can’t get much worse when you file for bankruptcy. In fact, as we will see, with a California bankruptcy attorney by your side you will actually be more attractive to creditors after bankruptcy than before.

What a California Bankruptcy Attorney will Tell You about Credit Cards

Any credit card you owe money on must be listed in your bankruptcy filing; not listing them is considered perjury. But, as any good California bankruptcy lawyer will tell you, you don’t need to list a credit card on which you do not have a balance. Although some credit card companies will cancel your account after bankruptcy, your California bankruptcy lawyer might be able to help you keep your credit cards.

Our lawyers offer a free consultation about building credit after bankruptcy We accept all major credit cards and payment plans are available

What a California Bankruptcy Attorney will Tell You About Home Ownership

One of the many myths surrounding bankruptcy is that you will not be able to purchase a house for many years after bankruptcy. However, with the help of a California bankruptcy lawyer, it is likely that you can qualify for a loan within 24 months after your bankruptcy – on the same terms you would have gotten had you not filed for bankruptcy.

What a California Bankruptcy Attorney will Tell You about Rebuilding Credit

Your California bankruptcy lawyer will give you some simple tips about building your credit back up after bankruptcy. These include:

• Making monthly payments on time.
• Opening a credit union account and contribute monthly.
• Working with your California bankruptcy lawyer to make sure your credit report reflects the removal of unsecured debt.
• Watching your credit score report for any mistakes.

Why You Need a Good California Bankruptcy Attorney

Some Californians make the mistake of trying to save money by not hiring a California bankruptcy lawyer. This may be pennywise, but not hiring a California bankruptcy lawyer is pound foolish. The new bankruptcy laws instituted in 2005 are more complex than the old bankruptcy laws, and from state to state and judge to judge, their interpretation may be slightly different. You need a California bankruptcy attorney familiar with the judges and courts of your area; an experienced California bankruptcy lawyer makes navigating complex litigation easier.

Free Consultation from an Experienced California Bankruptcy Attorney

For California residents living in the Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, San Diego Riverside, Orange County, or Los Angeles vicinity, consider attending a free consultation with the DeptFreeLawFirm on rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. The DeptFreeLawFirm is an excellent place to find an experienced California bankruptcy attorney to help you sort out your complicated financial situation. A California bankruptcy attorney like those at DeptFreeLawFirm will ensure that bankruptcy won’t mean you’ll have to foreclose on your house or never purchase a car again. As any California bankruptcy lawyer can explain to you, there are many myths surrounding rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy, perpetrated mostly by big credit card companies who want to make sure they get paid.

Overall, when creditors examine your financial history, bankruptcy makes you a better credit risk after bankruptcy than before. Why? Before bankruptcy, it’s likely that you were up to your ears in debt, with bill collectors starting to knock on your door. By contrast, once your California bankruptcy lawyer helps you eliminate or reduce your debt by filing for bankruptcy, you will no longer be overwhelmed by debt, and the debts that you do have will be manageable. From the point of view of a lender, the latter situation is far superior to the former.

Contact our offices in California, to discuss your bankruptcy needs with one of our attorneys. We can tell you more about your financial options and how you can get a fresh start from heavy debt. We can help you stop harassing collection calls immediately. You will find our staff comfortable, non-judgmental, and truly interested in helping you resolve your debt problems.

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